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Stool bar table The stool existing 9 tenth new bar table and the stool 1 batch, uses for 1 month, because family reason present half price transfer

Supplies the bar chair, the stool, the stool supplies the bar chair model: M-90026 I the factory is the specialized production chair, the bar table, the leisure chair (the work... supplies the bar chair, chair Model: M-1002-1 I the factory is the specialized production chair, the bar table, the leisure chair (manages... the message header: Supplies the bar chair, stool, stool specify: Model: M-90016 I the factory is the specialized production chair

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Hillsdale Bar Stools Supplies the bar stool, the bar chair, a stool, stool M135-2 [ "supplies bar stool, bar chair, a stool, stool M135-2" correlation asks to buy information ] urgently to strive for to buy the bar chair I to take charge of the customer presently to strive for to buy a section bar chair, looks has the production the factory to come to discuss the cooperation! Urgently strives for to buy the bar chair I to take charge of the bar chair which an overseas customer demand shines, the electronic circuit partially has me to take charge of completes, present demand bar chair specialized production merchant

Who has bar that kind of high wooden stool, asks everybody to help me to look for two _ the Qingdao news net _ blue Qingdao community is matches that kind of high round table that kind, the wood high stool, has the seat back cushion all to be allowed, old is good

The furniture/furniture has custom-made/.. south purchasing - Huzhou . one of furniture wholesale market founders, gold ... A scarlet center back chair/stool/bar chair/bar stool/stool/chair/furniture price 139.80 Yuan quartzes chairs/chair/low stool/bar chair/bar stool/furniture price 160.00 Yuan chairs // low stool/bar chair/bar stool/stool/chair price 128.50 Yuan floors turn of/computers chair wheel/chair

Produces the Great Wall furniture, the steel wooden furniture, the chair, folds the chair, the stool, the bar stool and so on. The Anxi mansion abundant handicraft company - mainly produces outside each kind of indoors the furniture. The Bengfu city favors the beautiful furniture limited liability company - to be engaged in the furniture, the cloth skill sofa, the tea several, the handicraft production sale. The Baoding furniture industry company - under supposes the furniture research institute, wooden materials section, supplementary material